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Work carried out


Through our highly experienced and qualified team of coded welders Mayday Maintenance Ltd can offer a broad range of welding services. Our specialist team can deliver TIG, MIG and ARC welding of fe...
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Laser Alignment

Misalignment machines can cause premature bearing failures, hot couplings and leaking shaft seals. By using mayday maintenance state of the art laser alignment system your machines will stay online lo...
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Workshop Services

Mayday Maintenance can offer our clients CNC metal bending service, with the ability to provide accurate, repeated bending of parts. We can bend parts of up to 3 metres wide without 120 ton CNC press....
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Plant installation & Crane hire

Mayday Maintenance Limited has the ability to offer a complete installation service, we can provide machine and plant moving and lifting capacity even in confined areas. Our mini crawler crane serv...
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Pneumatic services

Recently, in the field of fitness rising popularity of various "smart" sorts of education programs that require takes far more control in the consciousness of the art to produce movements. Most of ...

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Structural Steel

Mayday Maintenance Limited can offer a supply and installation service for all types of structural steel, rolled steel joists, universal beams (RSJ's), Universal columns or rolled steel columns (UC;s)...
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